Tried everything and still struggling to lose or gain weight?

Achieve your fitness goals with our “holistic fitness program” crafted specifically for you by our team of health coaches, psychologists, and doctors.

This program has helped 3000+ people transform their bodies in 3 months without a difficult diet or exercise and upgrade their lifestyle to maintain it for the long term.

Transform your body and mind for long-term results.

Imagine simply upgrading your lifestyle where you can transform your body and mind at the same time instead of spending endless hours at the gym?

Holistic fitness incorporates the emotional, mental, and spiritual components along with the physical aspect to make it possible.

Yet very few people are aware of it.

Along with making you proud of your body at parties, holistic fitness also helps you achieve your career/business goals by increasing your energy and productivity, reducing your stress levels, and improving your mood.

It is my professional obligation to tell you that once you complete this program, you won't just achieve your fitness goal, you'll also have this lifestyle for the very long term.

Personalized program crafted specifically for you!

With this holistic fitness program, anyone is guaranteed to get a dream body.

Even if

  • • you have a busy and stressful work

  • • you lack the motivation to go to the gym

  • • you lack the mental and emotional bandwidth

  • • you don't want a difficult diet and exercise plan

  • • you have tried every diet and workout and have no results

Our team of experts will create a fitness program specifically for your needs so that you can achieve your best energy levels in 2022.

3000+ people have transformed their bodies and lives.

This program works so great that we have transformed the body of 3000+ people. From students to busy corporate executives, skinny people to those struggling to lose body fat - all are satisfied with their new physique and lifestyle.

Anagha - Mumbai

74KG WEEK 1 | 62KG WEEK 12

Yash - Pune

64KG WEEK 1 | 66 KG WEEK 9

Vishal - Ghaziabaad

98KG WEEK 1 | 87KG WEEK 12

Have you tried everything but still been stuck in the same state?

If you've tried fitness programs by other trainers and are still struggling to gain or lose weight, chances are that programs are bad, not your genes.

Those fitness programs are often not personalized for your needs or designed by trainers with no credentials.

Even if they're good plans, you'll still be left with no motivation to carry out those exercise plans due to stressful life.

You have to motivate and be accountable for yourself with no support from a trainer.

So, instead of wasting your time and energy on programs that don’t get you results, imagine if you invested them in a proven program that focuses on all aspects.

Hey Zaid Khan here founder & CEO of TrainE Health Tech. If you are tired of trying all fancy diet and workout and still not getting results, I promise you this is the only place you need to be. I started this because there is too much misinformation and misguidance in the health and fitness industry and it is too superficial. 

At TrainE our ideology is to work from an emotional state to your physical state. Rather than asking you to eat something we try to fix why you eat or don’t eat a particular thing or do or don’t stick to a habit.


By working on your lifestyle we ensure long term sustainable changes rather than short term quick fixes. I am looking forward to help you learn and transform yourself into the best version of yourself.

Zaid Khan, Founder & CEO

Fitness Entrepreneur & Transformation Specialist

Instagram @zaidkhanfitness

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A detailed overview of Holistic Fitness Program

Diet Plan

A Certified Nutritionist will scientifically design your diet plan according to your current body condition, lifestyle, preferences, and goals. We will calculate the macronutrient requirements for your body and create a diet plan that’s specific to your lifestyle. The plan will be super personalized.

Workout Plan

A certified trainer will design a workout plan complete with detailed notes, sets, reps, and rest periods, be it gym, home, or outdoor workouts. The plan keeps on changing weekly as per your current body condition and future goals.

Mental & Emotional Healthcare

A mental health department will make sure that you manage daily stressors like work pressure, family problems, relationship issues, sleep deprivation, or any other problem effectively, so that you don’t miss out on taking care of your diet and workout.

Innovative App to track

We keep a tab on your diet and workout using our centralized TrainE health app to make sure that you're carrying out your plan.

Constant Motivation & Accountability

A Clinical Psychologist will help you keep your motivation high and help you get results. Our team of experts will solve any issues and get you back on track.

TrainE App

Your Investment starts from...

3 Months Plan

Only ₹2999/month

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6 Months Plan

Only ₹2499/month

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12 Months Plan

Only ₹2299/month

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I used to have migraine 24x7, I was on anti depressants and living an extremely painful life. Even after consuming handful of medicines daily I didn't get relief from Mgraine. Thanks to TrainE who helped me work on basic lifestyle changes, diet workout and mental health counselling that brought down my migraine from 30 days a month to 2 days a month in less than 4 months.  I even got off my anti depressants.

Melvyn Farro


Marketing Executive

PCOS led to intense weight gain, hormonal imbalance, mood swings, work life balance issue and due to all of it I felt low constantly. TrainE helped me understand my triggers, why was I gaining weight and how do I fix it. My sleep improved, I lost weight, reduced symptoms of PCOS and now I am living a much fulfilling life.

Asha Choudhary



I gained weight after my pregnancy. Even though I was very careful about my diet I was gaining weight. Nutritionist from TrainE helped me understand that I was in fact eating less. Surprisingly they increased my calorie consumption and I started losing weight.

Asma Shaikh



I lost 14 kg in 12 weeks.

I have always been good with studies and I barely focused on physical health. I am grateful to have joined TrainE. They transformed my life that too from comfort of my home. Home made food, home workouts and healthy habits. My parents, friends and myself we shocked after seeing the results. Highly recommended for all of you who want to transform themselves.

Aishwarya Sharma



Bonuses for maximizing your results

6500+ Workout Videos

TrainE app has 6500+ workout videos to guide you with the right form and avoid injuries.

Nutrition Information

Check the nutritional information of 4,50,000+ food items and how healthy it is for you using TrainE app.

Special care for lifestyle diseases

Our doctors will consult you on curing diseases like PCOS, Migraine, IBS, Hypertension, etc.

Mental Health consultation

Our users will get access to 1 complimentary Mental Health consultation worth Rs.1500 / session for free.

Premium support on app

In-app support will be provided for all your concerns or queries. You can also get support using calls.

Unlimited Plan Changes

Diet and workout plans can be revised unlimited times after initial planning.

Life changing testimonials from our clients across 20 countries

I lost 6 kg fats and gained over 4 kg muscles within 8 weeks during my training with TrainE. I am a student and I loved the way they gave me pocket friendly meals that fits well with my college and study time.

Shubham Singh- Student Mumbai

My results speak for themselves. My personality changed after my transformation. It boosted my confidence, clothes fit well and its all natural. Hence no extra cost or side effects of diet. I did all this in 12 weeks.

Shonith Raj - Germany

Lost 8 kg in 12 weeks, got better posture, gained muscles, reduced chest and belly fat without fancy supplements or diet. This is the perfect platform for you if you are looking for change. Trainers support and constant motivation makes the journey super easy.

Yash Sharma- Engineer, Gujrat

Where do you see yourself in a year from now?


  • ❌ Get teased by society because your clothes don't fit.

  • ❌ Have no strength and stamina to enjoy your free time.

  • ❌ Have the same body as today because of bad diet/exercises.

  • ❌ Make no progress in career/business due to zero mental clarity.

  • Struggle to sleep due to stress, anxiety, and fear of diseases & diabetes.

Or here?

  • ✔️ Lose or gain weight effortlessly with a personalized diet and exercise plan

  • ✔️ Enjoy family time and parties without fear of any diseases or getting teased.

  • ✔️ Boost self-esteem and confidence because of a dream body.

  • ✔️ Grow your career/business while focusing on your health at the same time.

  • ✔️Have a lifestyle where you can maintain your dream fitness levels for a long time.

It's not for you...

  • • If you are looking for a quick fix or a magical solution.

  • • If you're unwilling to change or learn a new way of life.

  • • If you need someone to hold your hand at all times.

  • • If you're looking for a short weight loss treatment rather than a full-fledged transformation.

  • • If you merely want to 'become a little bit healthier' rather than make a complete transformation.

  • • If you don't want to master the fundamentals of being in shape for the rest of your life.

  • • If you're not willing to put in the time, effort, and effort required, you won't be successful.

Still here?

Great! If you want to put in the work, then we will guarantee you 100% results.

Achieve your fitness levels and upgrade your lifestyle today.

100% Money BAck GuarAntee

100% satisfaction

If you don't see any results even after following the plan, then we will personally offer your 100% investment back.


How Does TrainE Health work?

Once you purchase your program, you need to send a screenshot of payment to 8803691111 on WhatsApp. You will receive a questionnaire in which you need to fill in your basic details like age weight height. You need to send 3 pictures of your current body condition to help us make a workout and diet plan as per your requirement. We shall call you for a lifestyle call where our expert trainers will understand your lifestyle and daily habits which will help us design a customized plan for you. Once done plan will be delivered on our App within 24-48 hrs.

Who can join this fitness program?

Anyone who has internet access can join the ZKF Online Training Program. It does not matter where you are located.

You will receive your diet/training plan online, and there will be constant communication and support via our App and calls.

Even if you're outside India or travel frequently, you can join the program.

How much time is required to start seeing results?

You can start seeing results as soon as 2 weeks. But it depends on your experience with exercise and dieting. In that case, it takes a time to form habits and get used to a new lifestyle.

What if I already exercise or follow a diet? 

You might have been working out for a long time, but that doesn't ensure that you've motivation or mental stress to exercise every day. Therefore "holistic fitness program" upgrades your whole lifestyle where achieving and maintaining fitness levels becomes effortless.

How much time do I have to dedicate to this?

If extremely busy executives and CEOs can fit in an average of 45 minutes of working out every day, then you can manage a 30-45 minute workout. If you still can't manage to fit it into your schedule, our team will work around it.

Do I need a gym subscription? 

No. You need not have a gym membership. I can design your workout plan so that you can exercise at home or outdoors without the need for any special equipment.

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